Shipping Information


SIA Movilog is committed to ensuring that you receive your ordered goods promptly and reliably.


We offer three options for delivery:


  • In-store pickup;
  • Standard direct shipping to your address;
  • Shipping with DPD.


These options enable you to choose the shipping option that works best for your needs.


Once you have confirmed your order, you will receive an order form that includes confirmation of the shipping terms and any costs associated with the delivery of the product(s).


We can ship to most locations – however, we reserve the right to cancel orders and issue a refund if it is not possible to ship to the desired location. This may also occur in certain instances if your order was placed from a different country than the one you are shipping to. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about a canceled order.


We strive to ship your goods immediately after ordering so that they get to you as quickly as possible. In situations where we have received an especially huge number of orders or where our partners are experiencing logjams, items can be shipped within up to 8 days of receiving the order.


If you are returning a product, then the product should be shipped within 14 days using the carrier or service of your choice. Any expenses related to customs and shipping of returned items are covered by the customer.