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Valid from: 1 July 2020

 1. General

SRC BRASA Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”), with company registration number LV 40003855474 and registered office at Plienciema street 16, LV-2167 Marupe county, Latvia, ensures you a correct and transparent cookie policy, under the conditions specified in this Cookie Policy.

Various types of cookies can be used per visit. In order to ensure we have your consent for the use of cookies, we will always ask you to expressly accept or reject these cookies on your first visit to our website. If you reject the use of cookies, you may encounter some difficulties while navigating our website. In any case, it is not obligatory to accept the cookies.

2. Definitions

Cookie: a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit our website. They are used to remember your preferences in order to allow the website to customise your experience accordingly. The cookies we use are necessary for the optimisation of the website and the user's ease of use. They make sure the website works properly and offer the user a personalised navigation experience. You cannot be identified as an individual user as a result of cookies. A cookie only recognises the device you use to establish the connection. By using cookies, the website can store temporary information relating to the visitors to this website and their visits.

Website: the website hosted under

User: Any natural person who uses the website, in either an interactive or a non-interactive way.

3. What cookies do we use?

The table below comprises a list of the cookies we may use for this website and what information these cookies store, as well as the cookie operation time:


Purpose of cookie’s usage

Cookie operation time


 Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager (GTM) cookies that are used to collect data about the user’s sessions on the website. More information regarding these cookies can be found in Google’s cookie & privacy policy. To learn more, please visit official Googles site:(





Used to store a simple message when a form is submitted that can be displayed on a different page. Also used to store the logged in user’s username. It is required to allow the user to stay logged into the website without needing to submit their username and password for each visit. Without it, the user will be unable to proceed to areas of the website that require authenticated access. It is also used to store a user’s shopping basket.

Expires when the user’s browser is closed.


Stores the setting that the user has seen a popup window on the website.

Expires when the user’s browser is closed.


Used to distinguish between human and robots.

Expires when the user’s browser is closed.

Cookies PHPSESSID and RC::C are necessary and mandatory and your consent is not necessary in relation to these cookies as a user will be unable to use the website without the acceptance of these cookies. The rest of the cookies do require your consent in order to fulfil important functions on the website.

4. Cookie management

As already explained above, the use of the cookies, while not mandatory, is recommended. If you have already made your choice regarding the usage of cookies, but are looking to change that, you may do so by adjusting the settings on your internet browser. This applies in both cases – whether you want to accept cookies or if you wish to block or remove them. Since various browser settings may differ, you can use these links for some of the most popular browser settings:

Google Chrome:;

Firefox Mozilla:;

Internet Explorer:;

Safari cookie settings: go to “Preferences” > “Privacy” and indicate that you want to block all cookies. On an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you can find the cookie options under “Settings” > “Safari”. 

This Cookie Policy may be modified by us at any time without prior notification. Therefore, we advise you to check this information on every visit to our website if you wish to be informed about the cookies used and our policy in this respect. Should you have any further questions or comments after reading our Cookie Policy, you are welcome to contact us by telephone (+371 67 311 624) or e-mail (